This is Denego's cosplay Blog.

You can see most of what I have made here!

My name is Vicky!!

I'm 20 years old, 5'5", Asexual, and I live in Maryland! I am probably less exciting than you were anticipating....

Ask me anything! Seriously, don't hesitate to ask me stuff! I like talking. A lot. If you don't get a response from me (Public or private) consider it not sent, so please send it again..!


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I'm going to London Comic Con 24th-26th Oct and I was wondering if you're going. I always love your outfits and amazed at how quick you produce new cosplay. Drakengard 3, Four is my favourite. I would love to meet you.

Hey there!!

That’s really sweet of you to say, and I’m really glad Four is your favorite ~( ´艸`)  !!! Unfortunately, though… I live in the United States, and I won’t be attending London Comic Con… I wish! But anyways, I hope you have a blast~♥︎

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Chiyo and Nozaki are going to take a romantic couples’ getaway cruise so Nozaki can learn to draw ships. Chiyo and Nozaki are going to check out jewelry stores so Nozaki can get pics of different cuts of diamond rings. Chiyo and Nozaki are going to get married because Nozaki needs a firsthand ref for a wedding scene.

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